• Garrity Beales

Editing...slugging through

Reworking and editing a body of work is like peeling an onion while simultaneously growing that onion.  You're deconstructing and building congruently, and sometimes it feels like you're chasing your tail.

It doesn't help when you get in your own way, either by second guessing what you're doing (the changes, the additions/subtractions), or you overthink and over-analyze... or worse, you lose focus and let life intertcede.

I'm currently in the process of slugging through the reworking of the novel I wrote in 2015 for the 3-day novel contest.  It's a super cool event, and even though I didn't place (nor do you get any feedback), I'm extremely proud to have a legitimate body of work that arose from it.  

Technically, it's currently a novella, as the word count hovered around the 40,000 mark at the end of the competition. The pacing, due to the extreme timeframe in which this was conceived and executed, is full throttle.  In the context of the competition, it works. 

In the context of the story I ultimately wish to tell, it doesn't.

So as I'm stripping this thing back to its foundation and rebuilding, reworking, refining... I'm confident this story will grow into the tree I know it can be, from the sapling it currently is.

I envision I will have many days where I myself am my own worst enemy, critic, and detractors from progressing, but I am also determined to bring these characters to fullness and share them and their trials with you.

Keep at it, fellow creators. Take each endeavor one step, one stroke of the brush, one key, at a time. You can do it!

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