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Sizes and Social fears

As someone who has run the gamet of clothing sizes, I know how pervasive attaching our sense of self worth and value as a human being is to the number on our pants and sweaters.

The beauty, fitness and fashion industries are multi-billion dollar empires, targeting our insecurities and feasting upon our vulnerabilities.  They make it appear that if you wear this makeup, or are a certain dress-size (regardless of how you obtain it), you'll have happiness for evermore.

That is, until the next new product, fad diet or fashion trend hits, and you're suddenly back on the hamster wheel of seeking that elusive golden ticket to happiness.

The thing is, we are all beautiful in our uniqueness, and we are all worthy.

Worthy of love, worthy of acceptance, worthy of pursuing that which fulfills us; regardless of what the number on our waistband says.

The canvas of life is painted on by many brushes, and a painting isn't made by one brush size alone. Every style, shape and width can be used, along with all the colors of the rainbow, to capture the wonderful essence of our lives.  We are all just paintbrushes, and we are all important. 

We all matter.

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