• Garrity Beales

Fanfiction Awards

I entered a prompt-driven Fan Fiction contest at the beginning of July. It had a maximum word count of 10k, and was anonymous until Aug 10 when the winners of all categories were announced.

I’m stoked that my story was chosen as the winner for both ‘Best Overall Characterizations’ and ‘Best Overall Male Characterizations’ and that I was runner up in the ‘Best Angst’ Category.

Being able to post those award titles on the story summery on the fandom websites it’s on is incredibly validating and the comments and reviews I received (and still are) are incredible. They truly affirm to my inner muse and self critic that my stories do indeed impact people and make them feel all the feels.

The fact that people take the time to leave their thoughts and reviews on a story and that you can interact with them is one of the things I love about writing for a fandom. There’s no money in writing Fan Fiction—we’re playing in someone else’s sandbox after all—but those reviews and comments are worth more than that and push me to keep this form of hobby writing, to become better at putting forth creative fiction without limitations, and to continue honing my writing skills.